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Looking for PhD students

Published on 2023.08.12 by Luis Pedro Coelho.

True Colors: palettes are also important for scientists

Published on 2022.11.30 by Jelena Somborski, Celio Dias Santos Jr., Luis Pedro Coelho.

Global Microbial Small ORFs Catalog - Gene rarefaction for smORFs

Published on 2022.09.29 by Breno Lívio Silva de Almeida, Celio Dias Santos Junior, Luis Pedro Coelho, Yiqian Duan.

If you are using RGI for your resistome study, you probably want --exclude_nudge

Published on 2022.06.23 by Svetlana Ugarcina Perovic, Luis Pedro Coelho.

Cryptic AMPs from Prokaryotes: an investigation with AMPsphere and proGenomes2

Published on 2021.10.15 by Anna Vines, Célio Dias Santos Júnior, Luis Pedro Coelho.

Twitter in an academic life

Published on 2021.03.29 by Svetlana Ugarcina Perovic.

S3N2Bin: Semi-supervised learning for better binning

Published on 2021.03.24 by Shaojun Pan,Luis Pedro Coelho.

The new version v.2021-03 of AMPSphere brings families, alignments and trees

Published on 2021.03.20 by Célio Dias Santos Júnior, Luis Pedro Coelho.

AMPSphere v.2021-02 release: the global AMPs survery now available at Zenodo

Published on 2021.03.05 by Célio Dias Santos Júnior, Yiqian Duan, Luis Pedro Coelho.

Analysing microbiome count data using microbiopy

Published on 2021.03.04 by Karma Dolkar, Luis Pedro Coelho.

Clade separation score in GUNC

Published on 2021.02.12 by Luis Pedro Coelho.

Exploring how to reduce memory consumption in metagenomics with K-mer graphs

Published on 2021.01.29 by Tristan Gallent, Luis Pedro Coelho.

AzuC: A non-conventional AMP candidate

Published on 2020.08.21 by Tobi Olanipekun, Celio Dias Santos Junior, Luis Pedro Coelho.

Output visualization for GMGC-mapper

Published on 2020.08.20 by Fernanda Ordoñez Jiménez.

Methionine tanks: how we almost got fooled by a flawed dataset

Published on 2020.04.29 by Célio Dias Santos Júnior, Luis Pedro Coelho.

Cryptic antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) in the human gut: a potential case study

Published on 2020.04.10 by Amy Houseman, Célio Dias Santos-Junior, Luis Pedro Coelho.

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